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Karen Ebbs

Artist     Instagram: karen.ebbs       

Studio:  Pallas Studios, 157 The Digital Hub, Thomas Street, Dublin

'Paianting in the Expanded Field'

I have an unfaltering curiosity concerning the nature of our existence, the act of becoming and the experience of being human while attempting to navigate the world and its many complexities.  My deep probing and search for meaning stem not so much from an existential-crisis position, but rather from a pure fascination and awe that we exist at all.

Painting is central to my process-led practice which is positioned in the affective domain of experience, utilising a variety of materials including oil paint, metal, porcelain and mirrors. I make large-scale installations and immersive environments exploring how everything is interconnected and how all things come into being through relationships and interactions.

My work begins with colour - with applications of translucent, opaque and gestural layers of oil paint - and colour gives life to the forms that grow on canvas, as three-dimensional sculptural elements and as written texts.  In my previous work with adults and children, I observed how the use of colour had positively impacted the well-being of individuals. 


A core area of my research is focused on consciousness, how it is fundamental to all that exists and on the complex nature of how perception occurs.   Science tells us that perception is in fact, a “best guess”.  We are primed to see the world as we do, primed that is, by our accumulated life experiences, by our psychological, cultural, educational and societal conditioning and by our conscious and unconscious biases.  We “see” what we expect to “see”.


Seeking aesthetic, emotional and neurological understanding, my practice moves across deep research trenches of thinking, from current scientific developments to philosophy.   The writing and thinking of Bernardo Kastrup, Donald Hoffmann, Carlo Rovelli, David Chalmers, Melvin Sheldrake and Eckhart Tolle inform my work.


Elective affinities exist with mid 20th century, North American painting, in particular Abstract Expressionism and there are visual language and spatial parallels with contemporary painters/installation artists, such as, Jessica Stockholder, Sarah Sze, Laura Owens, Mary Heilmann, Tomma Abts, Ciara Phillips, Juan Uslé and Katharina Grosse.  



Artist     Instagram: karen.ebbs       

Studio:  Pallas Studios, 157 The Digital Hub, Thomas Street, Dublin


Selected Education


2023        Masters in Fine Art, Painting National College of Art and Design (First Class Honours)

2021        BA  Degree, in Fine Art, Painting, (First Class Honours)  Highly Commended, NCAD   

2016-19   RHA  Mentored, Drawing and Painting programmes, Self-Directed and Masterclasses

2013-15   Drawing Studio Dublin, Bargue Studies, Drawing Course

Selected Solo Exhibitions


2025      The Municipal Lexicon Gallery, upcoming solo, Open Call Award, upcoming

2024      Rathfarnham Castle, upcoming

2023     "Apropos of Everything", MFA NCAD Graduation Show at The Annexe, St. James’ St.  June 2023

2022      Farmleigh House OPW, Cowshed Gallery, " I AM more Blue than YOU, 

              YOU ARE more Green than ME."

2022      The Lab Gallery, Dublin, Wild Accumulations.  Curated by Sheena Barrett

2021      "Visual Perception - A Best Guess", BFA NCAD Graduation Show, 2021

2013      Rockpools & Constellations, In Aid of Indreni, Childrens’ Charity, Nepal. 



Selected Group Exhibitions 


2023    Draoicht, Shelter Collective, “The Ladder Is Always There”, Invited  artist.  Dec 2023 - Feb 2024

2023    Climate and Health, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 

2023    Art Riddler, Studio 10 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

2023    Sculpture In Context, Botanical Gardens, invited artist

2023    193rd Royal Hibernian Academy, Annual Exhibition

2023    The Boyle Arts Festival, invited by Sinead Ni Mhaonaigh, curator

2023    Transience, Art Net Dlr, Walters Dun Laoghaire

2023     Hang Tough Contemporary, Selected, Winter Print Show and Limited Edition Print Contract

2022     National Treasury Management Agency, Dublin, Painting as    ExpressionofHumanity,

2022     The Lab Gallery, New Beginnings.. Co-Curators: Sheena Barrett and Karen Ebbs

2021     Hang Tough Contemporary, Winter Print Show, and Limited Edition Print Contract

2021     Art Net Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Metamorphosis, (Juried Selection)

2021     Farmleigh House OPW, Pluid Project, in aid of Pieta House, Dublin. Curator: Claire Halpin

2021     Art Net Dun Laoghaire, Revival, 

2021     National Treasury Management  Agency, Dublin ,Positives: Painting in the Pandemic

2021     Art Net Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Transition, online exhibition

2021     Hambly & Hambly, Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Hark Winter Show

2019     The NCAD Gallery,Trajectory,  in aid of The Rape Crisis Centre, Dublin

2019     A Quiet Space, Collaborative Well-being project, NCAD

2018     NCAD Sybil Connelly, Dublin, Liminal Space, A Process Space

2014     Pearse Museum, Dublin

2013     The Council of European Union Brussels HQ Justus Lipsius Building 

2012     London Design Festival, selected by the Crafts Council of Ireland




2023     Shortlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Awards

2023     Shortlisted for Climate and Health Prize, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.  

2023     Shortlisted for the Art Riddler prize and exhibition

2023     The Municipal Lexicon Gallery solo show 2025 award - Open Call 

2022     The Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award

2022     Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co. Council Professional Development Grant Award

2022     Tyrone Guthrie Residency

2022     Clancy Quay Professional Development Award



Public Events and Artists Talks


2024     Upcoming Talk Series at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Autumn

2022     Talk Series:  At IMMA and The Complex, We Need To Talk About Painting, WNTTAP

Initiated, organised and co-hosted by Karen Ebbs can be found on SoundCloud


2023     Artist Talk, studio visit by NCAD Studio + students and Tutor Taffeta Flood

2022     Artist Talk, NCAD, painting department, second year professional practice

2022     Artist Talk, NCAD, media department, second year professional practice

2022     Ormond Artists Studios




2024     Irish Times feature written by Gemma Tipton January 2024

2023     Visual Artists Ireland, Newsletter, Jan/Feb issue.  Commissioned by VAI, Joanne Laws.

2023     RHA 193rd Annual Exhibition Catalogue, celebrating 200 years 

2021     Art Folio Annual 2022 Award. Publication featuring work

2019     HCE Review Award, UCD,Literary Journal. Featured in the Apr 2019 edition

2019     The Conscious Pebbles, In response to Wolfgang Tillmans' exhibition, NCAD Zine




  • MJK Interiors, Dublin.

  • Seachange Now, Brendan Foley, Director, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

  • Michael Sheil Solicitors, Blackrock, Dublin

  • Blackrock Essential Training, Dublin

  • Stelfox Recruitment, Dublin

  • Avoca Clinic, Co. Wicklow

  • Turning Point, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

  • Book Cover Painting Design, Peacemonger, Author, Paddy McMahon (deceased)




Alumna of the National College of Art & Design

Alumna of the Royal Hibernian Academy School

Visual Artists Ireland, Professional Membership

Art Net Dun Laoghaire, Professional Membership

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